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At EthnoFlora we believe in the beauty and potential of every garden. With the right care and the right plants, your outdoor room will quickly become part of your living space. Let us help your garden grow!



At EthnoFlora we provide you with honest and professional advice through our onsite visits and garden maintenance plans. Advice is tailored to each customer's specific needs, ensuring we help keep your garden growing and looking its best


Our Mission........


At EthnoFlora we provide you with honest and professional advice through our onsite visits and garden maintenance plans. Advice is tailored to each customer's specific needs, ensuring we help keep your garden growing and looking its best.


Established by Dave Davies, a botanical horticulturist, who’s passion for plants and love of gardens inspires him to always create the best garden possible.


With over 15 years of experience in world-renowned botanic gardens, The Royal Horticultural Society, and managing the 40-acre grounds of a private estate, Dave knows a thing or two about managing gardens to the highest standards. Dave's keen eye for detail and knowledge of plants and plant health will ensure your garden looks great and stays healthy.

Dave's bachelor's degree in Horticultural Management, along with his extensive experience, gives him the knowledge and ability to fully diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your garden, plants, and soil. 


Is your garden looking a little tired, some plants not growing the way you want, not sure how to improve its aesthetics……. Then look no further than EthnoFlora. We come to you and walk through your garden with you, getting a feel for exactly what you want from your garden. On-site we can offer some practical advice to hit the ground running with your garden improvements, later you’ll receive a garden management plan for the next 12 months. Nothing fancy and over-the-top in our management plants, we’ll simply put down the facts, how to initially get the garden growing, what plants should go or be moved, and a bit more detail on bigger projects, along with when they should be carried out. Depending on your needs, we can offer an annual management plan, a site visit to you, and your garden each year, with a new plan detailing where to go next with your garden.


Already have a garden maintenance company pop in . . . no worries, you can use our management plan to steer them in the right direction, ensuring everyone is working for the best interests of your garden.


We make it easy, there is an initial payment for the visit and garden walk-through. If you then wish to move forward with the development of a management plan you’ll pay a fixed price depending on the size of your garden.


Vege Plots: We are pretty sweet at knowing how to get your vege plots thriving, giving you the best yield through the year and year-after-year. We can encompass a management plan in our main management plan. You’ll get details on how to best prepare the plot, what to plant where each year; we’ll also ensure we only advise you to plant the stuff you and your family like and want to eat.


Our friendly practical service will have you loving your garden within a season.




An initial walk through(1hr) with A4 advice sheet: $140 plus vehicle site fee of $20

Garden management plan: $250+ (depending on the size of garden)

Pruning/planting: $55/hr including 1 bag of waste for every 2 hours – extra bags $12 bags

Garden Maintenance talks: $150 for the first hour, $100/hr thereafter

Plant/Garden talks: $200 for an hour-long talk



Vege Garden:

Want to know what vege works best in your garden, what vege grows well together…. We can design a planting schedule based on your needs and the needs of the plants. Achieving a healthy yield requires many things, our planting plans accompanied by user-friendly maintenance notes will have you Growing your own in no time.


Garen talks:



Do you want you or your team to understand cutting edge maintenance techniques, from pruning to plant health and thinning out to filling in? We offer a range of lectures across a broad spectrum of horticultural subjects, designed to ensure your company offers the best service to your clients. Our talks are designed to be delivered quickly and on point, giving your team the knowledge to get back out there. A 45-minute talk is packed full of relevant information and comes with an informative leaflet to refer back to. We tailor our talks for garden maintenance companies or groups whose members will take their new-found skills back to their own gardens.



Ever wondered what it's like on a billionaires estate, or what it's like to manage a tropical conservatory in the middle east? Or are you more interested in a botanical tour of Namibia's succulents? These are merely examples of talks we offer on first-hand experiences, let us guide you through the world of horticulture and botany. You’ll leave inspired and ready to create your very own garden of Eden.

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