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You love your garden, we know that or you wouldn't be here. But it's a little tricky sometimes to know what your garden needs to be at its best. Our advice service allows you to talk to a professional and tell them what you want to achieve in your garden, making your ongoing garden maintenance a walk in the park.

Ethno Flora Ethnoflora garden advice maintenance flowers pruning
Ethno Flora Ethnoflora Garden maintenance advice pruning

Once we know your goals, we'll take a walk and identify areas or plants that need extra attention. throughout the advice session we encourage our clients to ask questions and we love giving little tips along the way.

Be ready with a notebook/phone/ipad as we'll advice you on the spot on how best to care for your garden. We're happy to give practical pruning demonstrations too, as long as the season is right for the plant in question. 

After we've visited your garden we can follow up with a written advice document for an additional cost. Written in plain English it will let you know how best to maintain your private oasis, on top of recapping what was discussed the report will give you very advice on future plantings, pruning to be done in the next 12 months. A priority list at the end of the report will take the guesswork out of where and what to start with, so you don't feel overwhelmed with what needs doing. 

Ethnoflora Ethno Flora Garden Maintenance Upper Hutt

A garden walk-through typically takes 1.5 - 2.5 hours, we're pretty in-depth and love to give our clients practical demonstrations along the way.

Our garden advice report gets down all the detail and needs a little research to best advise you, our client, on the right plants for the right places. This means, that on average a garden report will take us between 3 - 4 hours to write, we believe it's an invaluable document to be able to refer back to throughout the gardening year. 

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